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About Us

Blessings Way Behavioral Health, CDC is an outpatient mental health organization that owns and operates My Choice Recovery Suboxone Center located in southern NJ. Our highly confidential recovery treatment center provides patients with judgement-free treatment administered by Mary L. Jennings, PMHNP-BC, APN-C and collaborator Dr. Allen Y. Masry, MD, FAPA Board Certified in Addiction and Adult Psychiatry. Our team of clinical professionals are state board certified with years of substance use disorder experience. My Choice Recovery Suboxone Center is dedicated to meeting patients at their stage of change and assisting them to sobriety. Our experienced clinical team is committed to enhancing our patient’s quality of life by developing a tailor-made treatment plan that meets each patient’s individual need and story.

Our goal is to remove and restore! Remove substance use disorder, treat mental health and restore communities one individual and one step at a time. Our formula is simple: empower, respect and understand that each patient is different.  Every patient has a story and they have the power to determine how their story is written.

We believe in protecting our patient’s identity by using best practices to ensure they remain anonymous. Our outpatient center is located in a discrete and safe location for our patient’s convenience.

About Us

Blessings Way Behavioral Health, CDC is a community-based nonprofit 501(C)(3), charitable outpatient mental health organization located in southern New Jersey. We treat mental health disorders and dual diagnosis (both mental health disorders, drug and/or alcohol dependency).

My Choice Recovery Suboxone Center is owned by Blessings Way Behavioral Health, CDC and operates as a suboxone treatment facility for individuals who have completed detoxing and want to maintain sobriety.



Because of the services you provide, I would refer you to anyone who has an addiction problem. I appreciate your customer service and being treated like my issues were important. This kept me coming back to your clinic. Now I am clean and life is good. Thank you so much My Choice Recovery Center.

Signed: WS

I had a long struggle with addiction and sometimes felt like giving up. Thank you so much for believing in me. I am happy to say, I have been clean for over a year.

Signed: RB